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Several of the wildest tasks have emerged from Urwerk's U-Research Division the brand's ‘experimental laboratory' such as the UR-CC1 King Cobra with its linear indications, and the millennium-measuring UR- 1001 Zeit Device . This innovative, anti-establishment spirit has now been channelled into a replica watchmaking Holy Grail: the first mechanical timepiece with integrated intelligence.
The interaction between a mechanical replica watch and its owner is a theme that has always inspired us, says Felix Baumgartner, master replica watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK. Designing a reliable and precise mechanical timepiece is the foundation of our work. We wanted to extend our ambition by creating a precision timepiece with a system whereby the owner can accurately calculate the timing rate of your movement so that it can be finely adjusted to the owner's lifestyle and habits. That's the idea of EMC, which we are currently perfecting in our atelier.
EMC has been conceived, designed, developed and manufactured by Urwerk giving rise to a timepiece never before seen in haute horlogerie. The challenge here is to provide replica watch connoisseurs not only a precision timepiece, but also the tools to assess and maintain precision. Our goal with EMC is to give the owner from the timepiece information that, until now, has been decipherable only by a replica watchmaker equipped with complex apparatus, says Felix Baumgartner replica montblanc hemingway . To achieve this, we thought long and hard, and then created an easily useable and readable mechanism from scratch.
From this premise, the EMC was developed. The manufacture movement features:
- A balance wheel made of ARCAP, an alloy long admired by Urwerk for its non-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties. The highly original balance wheel was designed for optimal aerodynamics and minimal amplitude loss.
- Power comes from large double mainspring barrels mounted vertically on a single shaft. These provide an 80-hour power reserve, which ensures stable and linear timing performance.
- The timing adjustment screw is accessible on the back on the replica watch, and enables very fine adjustments to the balance rate regulator by changing the active length on the balance spring.
The electronics monitoring the movement timing consist of:
- An optical sensor on the balance wheel that can capture the precise rate of oscillation with the 4 hertz / 28,800 v/h regulator.
- A 16,000,000-hertz electronic oscillator that provides an extremely precise reference rate.
- An artificial intelligence module capable of calculating the difference between the timing rate on the movement and that of the reference oscillator.
EMC is revolutionary in the world of replica watchmaking, says Felix Baumgartner. We added an intelligent eye to our balance wheel which will be able to measure how fast or slow it is running and translate that into seconds per day.
The first chapter in the creation with the EMC begins here. The concept has now been revealed and its implementation is underway. panerai ferrari yellow dial watch The challenge is now in the hands of URWERK's designer , Martin Frei, and our engineers, says Felix. It is now a question of miniaturising all these elements to fit the size of a wristreplica watch. The EMC adventure is up and running this is just the start of something big.

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